Kvalitetsmjød fra Polen

Polen har både kendt og brygget mjød gennem tusinder af år. Vores Mjødbryggerier i Polen er blandt de bedste der findes.

Vi forhandler mjød fra APIS som er et af de allerbedste mjødbryggerier i Polen


  • we have been in continuous operation since 1932
  • our product portfolio includes over a dozen types of mead and honey
  • with our modern approach, we meet the expectations of young customers while also keeping alive the tradition preserved in old-Polish recipes
  • as the only producer in Poland, we have successfully passed a specification compliance inspection of our Trójniak mead, as a result of which our “Staropolski Tradycyjny” [Traditional Old-Polish (Mead)] was registered as a “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed”
  • we have received many prestigious awards and honourable mentions at multiple fairs and exhibitions
  • in our professional research and control laboratory, we monitor the quality of our products at all stages of their production
  • the quality of our mead and honey is continuously monitored by our BRC 7-compliant integrated quality management and food safety system