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Atak Chmielu

Atak Chmielu

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American India Pale Ale
Alk: 6,1% - Ibu: 69
500 ml.

Vægt: 0.9 kg.
Atak Chmielu (500ml)
Style: American IPA
Malts: Pale Ale, Wheat, Oatmeal
Hops: Citra®, Simcoe®, Cascade, Amarillo®
Yeast: US-05
IBU: 69
ABV: 6,1%
Plato: 15,1%
Atak Chmielu is an insanely hopped AIPA. Red-copper in color, full-bodied, with a bunch of citrus in taste and aroma. Citrus, floral, resinous, piney, fruity – thanks to the American hops!
It has been brewed on 28th of March 2011 for the first time ever and became the very first AIPA brewed in polish commercial brewery. This is how polish beer revolution has started!

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